Community Projects

Beginning in 2020, the Indiana Language Roadmap initiative is offering competitive grants (up to $1,000) to support community projects throughout Indiana that align with the priorities of its strategic plan. You can learn more about the 2020 - 2021 and 2021 - 2022 community projects below.

Applications for the community grants can be submitted onlineThe next deadline for community grants will be in September of 2022. Please review the application instructions below. 

Application deadline: September 19, 2022

Notification of funding decision: October 17, 2022

Project period of performance: October 2022 through July 2023


This funding is available to support community initiatives that align with the priorities of the Indiana Language Roadmap strategic plan. 

Application notes: You can save and return to your application later, but we recommend you complete your responses in this Microsoft Word document before submission, in case there are issues with the website. After submission, you should receive a confirmation email with a PDF attachment containing a copy of your responses.

The application is available online.

Project organizer’s name

Project organizer’s affiliation

Such as the Kokomo Chamber of Commerce, or LUNA Language Services, or Jay School Corporation.

Project organizer’s email

This will be our primary method of contact with you, so please make sure it is an email address you use regularly.

Project title

Amount of funding requested

$1,000 maximum

Additional project collaborators

Please include names and affiliations. If you would like any of your collaborators to also receive emails about the project’s status directly from us, you may also include them here.

Description of project

300 words or less. Please describe the main goals and activities of your proposed project.

Intended audience for project

Who will benefit from this project? Please indicate the type of audience (such as K-12 students; community members; or local businesses) as well as the geographic scope of the audience (such as the state of Indiana, the town of Terre Haute, or the counties of X, Y, and Z).

Main outcomes/deliverables from the project

Project timeline

You can upload your timeline in the following formats: Microsoft word document, Microsoft excel sheet, or adobe pdf.

How will you measure success?

Ex. My project will be a success if it reaches 300 students, which can be determined through attendance records.

How does your project support one or more of the Indiana Language Roadmap's priorities?

Please refer to one or more of the specific priorities and their objectives as described in the plan. Check the details of the Indiana Language Roadmap Strategic Plan. For example, "My project addresses Roadmap Priority 4.1 to promote Indiana's global identity by holding a poster competition and printing the winning poster to hang in community venues."


The overall amount requested in your budget should match the amount of funding requested that you said previously in the application. You are welcome to indicate any additional funding that will support your planned project, such as in-kind support or additional funding (Please note if you are still applying for this funding). Upload your budget using a file format such as Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel sheet, or Adobe PDF.